In an upcoming HBO documentary titled 'David Holmes: The Boy Who Lived,' Daniel Radcliffe joins as executive producer to tell the gut-wrenching story of his 'Harry Potter' stunt double, David Holmes. Radcliffe shares the journey of Holmes, who was tragically paralyzed from a stunt accident during the filming of 'Deathly Hallows Part 1.' The film, set to premiere in November, not only showcases the beautiful bond between Radcliffe and Holmes, but also illuminates Holmes' spirit of resilience that served as a source of inspiration for many. In Radcliffe's words: "It is David's extraordinary spirit of resilience that becomes their greatest source of strength and inspiration." The documentary promises a mosaic of candid footage, intimate interviews and stunning behind-the-scenes material over the last decade, capturing universal themes of living with adversity and the bonds that uplift us.

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