Dr. Kwane Stewart's Project Street Vet provides medical care to the pets of people experiencing homelessness. In 2011, he was trying to lower the San Diego shelter's rates of euthanasia and increase adoption rates while struggling with the number of animals dropped off there. Getting his coffee one morning, he noticed a homeless man's dog had a serious skin condition. Seeing the man's gratitude was the moment Stewart said he was going to get back to saving animals on his terms and for passion, not pay. He set up small drop-in clinics to provide medical care to pets whose owners couldn't afford it and walked the streets looking for unhoused individuals whose pets needed help. His brother, Ian, eventually began documenting some of the personal stories to raise awareness about animal welfare and homelessness. Since that cup of coffee over a decade ago, Stewart's care has rippled into volunteer teams across the U.S. who have collectively treated thousands of animals while giving their human parents hope and respect.

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