This is a moving story about four people who lost family and friends -- but not their compassion -- in the long-running Israeli-Palestine conflict and still hold out a glimmer of hope for a solution. "Think about a small flame of a candle,” says psychologist Oded Adomi Leshem. “If the room is lit with daylight, then the light from this small candle doesn't really influence anything. But when the room is dark, then suddenly the light of the candle has some meaning." The four are Dr. Lina Qasem Hassan, whose relative, an ambulance driver, died in an airstrike on Gaza; Robi Damelin, whose son was killed by a Palestinian sniper; Maoz Inon, whose parents died in the Hamas attack of Oct. 7; and Yousef Bashir, who as a teen was shot by an Israeli soldier in Gaza.

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