In places across the US and around the world, communities are finding innovative solutions to ensure people have access to fresh food close to home. Places like Wayne County, Pennsylvania, are benefiting from mobile grocery markets. Some are retrofitted school buses, vans, or even RV’s. At the end of the day, what matters is that they bring fresh, affordable food to people who otherwise couldn’t access it. Another innovation is self-service grocery stores; sometimes the store is staffed and sometimes it’s not, but customers have access everyday via an entry code that is unique to them. Evansville, Minnesota, is experimenting with this model and finding it to work well. Refrigerated grocery delivery lockers are another innovative solution that is gaining traction in both urban and rural areas. And, micro markets are popping up too, like the Kingdom in Memphis, Tennessee. The store tops out at 1,800 square feet, is located in shipping containers, and also hosts a juice bar and meeting space.

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