Since 2015, A Doll Like Me, has been creating one-of-a-kind dolls for kids with physical differences who have never seen a toy that looks like them. The nonprofit Wisconsin-based organization has made more than 500 unique dolls for children across the globe -- from Israel to Australia to Iceland. It began after founder Amy Jandrisevits created a doll for a friend of a friend, and within two months, had heard from 200 people who wanted such dolls - and that was only for dolls with limb differences. "They can't walk into the toy store and say, 'That looks just like me,'" she says. "And I think that most of the kids in the world can't do that as evidenced by the fact that I have thousands of kids on the waitlist." Since then, Jandrisevits has heard from families all over the world, who want their children to be represented and seen. The work is funded by donations.

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