An Israeli startup is reducing food waste by providing bakeries, delis and other food establishments with a platform to sell food products remaining at the end of the day. SpareEat’s app lets Israelis purchase “surprise bags” of pastries, sandwiches, produce and more at heavily discounted pricest. “It’s a really great tool because it’s giving the businesses the right solution to empty their shelves at the end of the day,” says SpareEat co-founder Jonathan Fischer Toubol. Since relaunching last August, SpareEat has partnered with nearly 200 Israeli businesses -- all in Tel Aviv or in other central cities -- and has approximately 80,000 registered users. Users who purchase a bag of food through the app must pick up their purchases in person. “We live in a period where food delivery services dominate, which takes people away from these businesses because they can just wait on their sofa to get the food,” he says. “We only do pickup so that people can discover a shop through the application and become new customers.”

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