The Laundry Basket, a laundromat in Bangor, Maine, US, has a sense of fun and a big heart. They turned a common problem – missing socks – into a driver for charitable giving. The laundromat decided that in the month of November, for every lost sock they found, they would donate a brand-new pair of socks to charity. “We pick up lost socks every single day, and I have never really counted how many we pick up, so November actually happened to be a slower month with 56 socks lost that we picked up. Laugh or cry, laundry isn’t always a fun thing to do, so we try and find the fun in it when we can, and so we thought, ‘You know what, let’s do something with all these lost socks that we pick up,’” said owner Amanda Sidell. More than 950 pairs of new socks were collected through the laundromat’s pledge, community contributions, and a special donation of 750 pairs donated by sock brand Bombas.

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