Growing up in Tennessee, LeGrand Gold always listened to Dolly Parton. His children visited Dollywood, the Tennessee theme park that Parton co-owns, and Dolly's Imagination Library sent free books each month. After he was diagnosed with colon cancer, Gold wrote a list of what he wanted to accomplish before he died, but doubted he would ever accomplish one - meeting Dolly. Then his wife, Alice, took to social media: "Dolly, if this makes it to you, from one grateful and devoted wife to another, a one-minute phone call or Zoom call would be a life-ending highlight for my giant gentle kind and gracious husband." And one morning, the phone rang and a voice said "Hey, LG. It's Dolly P." Gold and Alice told Dolly how she had touched their lives and then, as they were ending the conversation, Dolly said: "Just know that I will always love you." Then she sang "I Will Always Love You," making the last line, "I will always love LG."

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