Clayton Law pulled $4,000 out of his joint savings account last month. He and his wife were having a fence installed at their home in Pittsburgh, US, and the workers asked to be paid in cash. He set the envelope with the money on the kitchen counter; when he returned he found chewed-up bills strewn across the floor. It seemed that Cecil, the family's 7-year-old goldendoodle, had eaten the money. "Cecil's a goofy guy and he's very particular – you could leave a steak on the table, and he wouldn't touch it because he's not food motivated. But apparently he is money motivated," said Law's wife Carrie. They gathered the bits and pieces of the money they could find – which amounted to about $1,500 - and pondered their next move. Their bank said it would replace any bills that had been taped back together and had full serial numbers. The couple then followed the dog around outside, collecting his waste, hoping it would yield most or all of the money. They gathered the bits they could and taped the bills back together. At the time of the story, about $3,550 had been retrieved. The couple also made a video and called it "This is Cecil. He has never done anything bad in his life until he ate $4,000;" the video got over 175,000 likes. The couple, remarkably, aren't mad at the dog.

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