Establishing yourself as a newcomer in a new country comes with barriers if you have no credit history in a country that relies on credit. So Kingsley Madu created the first BIPOC-focused digital banking app in Canada for newcomers with no Canadian credit history, which will help them rent cars, hotel rooms, homes and apartments while building credit. Madu said his app makes it easier for immigrants to ease into the financial landscape and he hopes it helps people start their lives in Canada. The app has been downloaded more than 10,000 times."Users reach out to us to say, 'I never knew it would be this tough, but because of Ex [Expedier], it's a whole lot easier for me. I'm able to pay tuition, I'm able to pay rentals, I'm able to live my life.' And that's the kind of feedback that we're looking for, to validate what we've built and to ensure that this system keeps working."

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