Meet the "Welsh Tidy Mouse," a resident of Builth Wells, who's stirring quite a buzz with its unusual behavior. This industrious rodent has been caught on camera repeatedly collecting an assortment of objects and neatly stashing them in a tray -- a nightly ritual that's gracing your screen as "mousekeeping." While mice are known for their meticulous grooming habits, this take-charge approach to housekeeping is unique. Sure, bees, ants, and even songbirds engage in cleaning activities, but no one thought, "Hey, this is messy. I need to tidy it up," was in a mouse's repertoire. Yet according to Dr. Megan Jackson from the University of Bristol, the mouse's actions may not be as much about tidying its environment but rather a delightful display of its curiosity. Regardless, watching the mouse relish its idiosyncratic chore is undeniably enjoyable, reminding us that life's simple pleasures aren't just for humans. As Jackson puts it, "It's actually quite nice to see a mouse engaging in behavior that isn't completely necessary."

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