Julian Lin is no average fourth grader; the 9-year-old from New York City has a big heart and a mission-driven small business to help his community, addressing issues like homelessness and hunger. What started as a lemonade stand in Manhattan over the summer has transformed into a hot chocolate stand for the winter, complete with delicious toppings. He donates 30% of his sales to charity, including one of his favorites, the Best Friends Animal Society. On top of his already generous endeavors, Julian likes to hand out $10 and $20 bills from his earnings and pass them out to local homeless individuals on his walks to and from school. When the wildfires tore through Lahaina in Maui over the summer, Julian used his libations to raise over $11,000, some of which went directly to his friend Ryan Chagas, whom he met on a vacation to the island last February. "Generosity to me is like breathing. If you make me not be generous, then I'll die," Julian said. His ultimate goal: to end all world hunger and homelessness for both people and animals by revolutionizing business. Go Julian!

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