Jake and Kelly Levine were worried about flying with their 5-month-old daughter, Romey. Kelly is a naturally nervous flier and feared Romey might be fussy, which could irritate other passengers. During their flight home in early January, the baby wasn’t fussy at all; she was transfixed by the passenger next to her who was crocheting a sweater. The passenger, Meegan Rubin, took note of the wide-eyed infant as she worked on the sweater and was tickled by the attention. Rubin taught herself to crochet during the pandemic and sometimes makes commissioned pieces, mostly for friends and family; she still considers herself a beginner. Once Rubin finished the sweater she was working on, she decided she had just enough time and yarn to pivot to a new project: a beanie for the baby. A few minutes after the plane landed, Rubin turned to the couple, handed them a tiny cream-colored hat and declared, “Okay, it’s done.” The parents were completely shocked and moved to tears by Rubin’s kindness. Other passengers were deeply moved as well. “I’m feeling very grateful that it happened, and that it’s inspiring other people,” Rubin said. The Levines and Rubin exchanged contact information and plan to keep in touch.

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