Montreal teens Zoe Ireland-Meklensek, 13, and Emma Bassermann, 14, were catching their last wave of the day on a Barbados beach when they heard a faint call for help. A British couple in their 60s had been pulled out to sea by a strong current and were struggling. Zoe swam out to the man, put him on her bodyboard, attached the strap to her ankle and began towing him, swimming parallel to the beach. Emma was in Barbados for a swimming training camp, prepping for Olympic trials. Zoe's dad is her trainer and the national development coach at the Dorval Swim Club. The girls were interviewed by Barbados media, honoured by a local politician, and given gift bags. "But it's something anyone would do under the circumstances," said Zoe. "We're really proud," said Dorval Swim Club vice-president Kathryn Westoll.

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