In New York, the rideshare market is going electric. Brooklyn-based Revel electric mobility and infrastructure company just celebrated its two millionth ride, offsetting over nine million pounds of carbon emissions. “Every ride Revel provides to New Yorkers directly displaces an emission-producing trip — that’s cleaner air and a better city today,” says Revel CEO and co-founder Frank Reig. Revel employs about 1,500 drivers and has a fleet of over 500 EVs. Revel has three fast charging “Superhubs” open to the public, in Bedford-Stuyvesant, South Williamsburg, and Long Island City. The Bedford location, with 25 fast charging plugs, is the largest charging station of its kind in North America. Revel also is building a fast charging station this year in the South Bronx, often called “Asthma Alley” due to its high rate of respiratory issues.

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