Shalom Koray, a Holocaust survivor who was smuggled out of the Warsaw ghetto at the age of two, has discovered his long-lost family at the age of 83 with the help of a DNA test. Hidden in orphanages after the war, Koray's identity remained unknown until recently when a Polish academic, Magdalena Smo-czyńska, researched the fates of Holocaust survivors in orphanages. Smoczyńska approached Koray for a DNA test, and a match was found with Ann Meddin Hellman in the US, who was tracing her ancestry. The test revealed that Koray is likely the grandson of Hellman's relative who emigrated in 1893, saving his side of the family from the Holocaust. This discovery brings closure and family connection to Koray, emphasizing the impact of technology and research in reuniting Holocaust survivors with their roots.

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