Inspired by his grandmother's Alzheimer's diagnosis, 17-year-old Hemesh Chadalavada from Hyderabad, India, invented the Alpha Monitor, a device aimed at transforming dementia care. The lightweight and compact monitor, which can be worn as a badge or armband, uses long-range technology called LoRa to detect patients with Alzheimer's who have strayed or fallen, even from distances of more than a mile in cities and three miles in the countryside. Chadalavada, a self-taught robotics enthusiast, developed 20 prototypes and spent time at a day center run by the Alzheimer’s and Related Disorders Society of India to understand the needs of patients. The device, which also measures pulse and temperature, won Chadalavada a £100,000 grant from the Samsung Solve for Tomorrow contest in 2022, and he aims to bring it to market by September, emphasizing affordability for most people.

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