In Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, a food bank called Greener Village is building community by teaching volunteers to bake bread. Anyone can sign up to learn how to make homemade bread; volunteers get to take a loaf home and extra bread is offered to the food bank's clients. The program is a favorite, both for the volunteers and the clients. "Yes, it's relaxing – I do enjoy the feeling of my hands in the dough. But I also like knowing that I'm doing something that will help somebody else to have something delicious. The more bread I bake, the better I feel," said volunteer Gary Farrah. Kitchen Manager Yves Dechaine, who runs the classes, said, "A sense of community is what I hope they take away. I hope it's filling their hearts, because it's certainly filling mine." Some of the food bank's clients have also signed up as volunteers to make the bread as a way of expressing their gratitude and giving back. The goal is for the food bank to give away 10,000 loaves of bread this year.

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