Ryan Metzger was trying to responsibly dispose of hard-to-recycle waste in 2018 when the quest to recycle a bag of dead batteries turned into adventures in disposal that as of January 2024, have kept 15 million pounds of waste out of landfills. Metzger’s recycling carpool in his Seattle neighborhood led to a startup, Ridwell, which now reaches more than 90,000 users and operates in dozens of cities across California, Colorado, Georgia, Minnesota, Oregon, Texas, and Washington. For a fee of $14, $18, or $24 a month, Ridwell members get reusable canvas bags, a special Ridwell bin, and pick up from their doorstep every two weeks. Ridwell provides a detailed look at where materials end up, with regular updates in local and regional audits, and highlights partner organizations. In fact, 97% of material collected gets reused or recycled.

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