From solar panels that produce water to 'self-filling' coffee machines and water coolers, tech companies are putting a new spin on an ancient technique to pull water from thin air. Cody Friesen has developed a solar-powered hydropanel, and his company, Source Global, operates in more than 50 countries. Water dispenser company Kara Water has a water cooler they say produces up to 10 liters of water a day and in 2024, introduced the Kara Pod, a coffee machine they say can continuously refill itself with water extracted from the air. Elsewhere, Canadian company Rainmaker is marketing products that can harvest up to 20,000 liters per unit per day. Austria's Phantor–Imhotep Industries says it can get 10,000 liters a day. Atmospheric Water Solutions has an air-to-water dispenser that is also an air purifier and dehumidifier. Atmospark is marketing a mobile device for water-on-the-go, while Watergen have their own device coming soon.

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