After struggling with alcohol addiction for over 10 years – during which his 20-year banking career and 30-year marriage both collapsed – it was a presentation in a rehab center in 2019 that became the catalyst for Miles to turn his life around. The presentation was by Invisible Cities, which has trained 118 formerly homeless people to become tour guides since its inception in 2016. It's a creative way of giving them not only a new income stream, but also a new sense of purpose – and skillset too. "This helped fill a void after I finished rehab," said Miles. "This was the opportunity that first helped me back on to a path of a 'normal' life again, and having a purpose." Invisible Cities guides specialize in unique topics that reflect their own personal story. The organization provides training for the guides to create these "alternative walking tours," as well as in public speaking and customer service skills. Invisible Cities is then responsible for marketing the tours and taking bookings; income from the tours is split between the guide and the organization to support their efforts to recruit and train more guides. Invisible Cities currently operates tours out of several cities in the UK.

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