The city of Tucson, Arizona, US, has a new potable shower trailer that offers warm showers for free to individuals experiencing homelessness, and to others going through a hard time. The five-person mobile shower trailer moves around town daily to help underserved communities. “The idea is to get this out to individuals in the community that are unsheltered,” said Shane Wilson, an outreach specialist. Luis Acosta, a client who was interviewed about after using the facility said, “It was awesome. To be honest with you, I feel blessed and grateful and thankful. Not too many places can say they got this and it’s very clean and I like it.” Client Daniel Benavitez said, “It’s common decency of humanity to allow someone to be decent. [After a shower] you feel human again.” The shower trailer also offers outreach workers a chance to connect with individuals experiencing homelessness and engage with them to help them access resources, like permanent housing.

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