In a heartwarming act of kindness, French-Canadian director Denis Villeneuve fulfilled a man's dying wish of seeing his latest film, Dune: Part Two. The secret first viewing took place in a palliative care facility in Quebec, where the man, in his 50s, watched the film on Villeneuve's personal laptop. Working with charity L'Avant, they orchestrated the private screening, with all involved signing nondisclosure agreements to avoid leaks. While the man was in too much physical pain to finish the 2 hour 46-minute film, L'Avant Founder, Josée Gagnon, noted that the patient saw people and strangers around him co-conspire to carry out his last wish. And that “was worth all the gold in the world,” she wrote. "People have to continue to believe that everything is possible when it is done with heart." A few days later, he passed away.

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