This photo of Patrick Hutchinson, a black man, carrying an injured white man in a chaotic crowd has gone viral. In London last Saturday, Patrick Hutchinson and four friends were at a Black Lives Matter protest when they spotted a man on the ground surrounded by a mob of protesters lashing out at him. They immediately jumped to the man's side, and Hutchinson instinctively scooped him up on his shoulders, carrying him out of the crowd to safety. It didn't matter to Hutchinson that the white man was likely one of the far-right counter-protesters gathered around statues linked to racism and the slave trade. "You have to show some sort of love for your fellow man," he said, explaining that he wanted to avoid catastrophe and didn't want the original, peaceful intentions behind the protest to get drowned out in a moment of violence. "I want to see equality for everybody," he said, including his children and grandchildren.

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