Once a skier, always a skier, say members of the Wild old Bunch, the seniors ski club at Utah’s Alta Ski Area that started in 1973 and has around 115 members. Members get together for birthday parties and summer cookouts; and every Wednesday, they come together for dinner with former skiers and non-skiing spouses. “It’s hard to believe 90 year-olds can ski that well until you see them do it,” said Dr. Brett Toresdahl, sports medicine professor at the University of Utah. A series of unspoken rules help keep older skiers safe - only ski on clear days; ski on weekdays, when crowds are smaller; ski familiar territory; and train. At Alta, anyone over 80 skis free. Several resorts host clubs for older skiers: the Over the Hill Gang at Colorado's Copper Mountain, and the Silver Griffins at Bromley in Vermont. The 70+ Ski Club is a national group that goes on trips across the US and beyond.

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