Let's set our sights on the newest and largest International Dark Sky Sanctuary, the Oregon Outback! This secluded area of southeastern Oregon just earned itself the grand title from DarkSky International, a non-profit committed to decreasing light pollution. At a sprawling 2.5 million acres, the first phase of the Oregon Outback International Dark Sky Sanctuary is already setting international records, with plans to expand up to a whopping 11.4 million acres! "The unparalleled scale and quality of the Outback's dark skies will long serve as a starry refuge for people and wildlife alike," DarkSky Delegate Dawn Nilson shared. This area isn't just huge; it's also rich in cultural significance and, most importantly, it provides indispensable habitat for various wildlife. Plus, in a world where light pollution is increasing by around 10% each year, this sanctuary serves as a demonstration of sustainable lighting principles. Get ready to explore the starry wonders of the Oregon Outback!

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