Ready for a historic moment? Witness the power of perseverance as California's Yurok Tribe takes back a piece of its ancestral land. A whopping 90% of their land was snatched during the mid-1800s gold rush, but they're now reclaiming 125 acres -- a refreshing reversal of a harsh historical narrative. Through a pioneering collaboration with the National Park Service and Save the Redwoods League, they'll be the first Native people to manage tribal land alongside the park service. As the tribe's cultural resources director, Rosie Clayburn, proudly declares: "We kind of don't give up." They see the redwoods as living beings and plan to restore the stolen land to include a traditional Yurok village, a cultural center, and new trails. Excitingly, the land is set to return to the tribe by 2026. Let's celebrate this milestone marking the tribe's triumph and experience the respect and recognition of the Yurok wisdom in managing their ancestral land.

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