Peacocks are a common sight in California’s San Joaquin Valley. For some, like resident Dennis Morris, they are the highlight of his day. The birds frequent the area around the long-term care center he runs. One evening, Morris noticed that one of the peacocks had been shot by an arrow; it was poking out of the bird’s body. Neighbors who also loved the animals united and called various animals services. Volunteers from Critter Creek Wildlife Station quickly came out to help capture Cupid. It took a few days, but eventually a treat of watermelon, blueberries and live mealworms did the trick; Cupid stepped into a trap and was captured. He was taken to the county animal services center for an X-ray and was then taken for surgery to remove the arrow, which had damaged the underside of his skin and the surface of the breast muscles. He is now recovering nicely, perhaps in part thanks to the prayers from the neighbors, who plan to celebrate his safe return to the wild. “He’s doing very well right now,” said Lee Dutra, who added that the bird is expected to live a normal life post-recovery.

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