Five-year-old Leo Guzik of Whitehorse, Canada, has been reunited with his much-loved stuffie, Hophop, who was accidentally left behind at Vancouver airport during a March break. "[Hophop] is always tucked under his arm, and he's really good — like, he doesn't lose her, ever," said Leo's mom, Kyla Guzik. "She was given actually to Leo by his Nana, my mom, for Easter, just before he turned two….[she] goes on every trip and every adventure." While stranded in the airport, Hophop played on computers, rode the escalators, and checked out the vending machine. "We're so proud of this Easter reunion story, and really proud of the team that handles all of the lost and found items at YVR ... and just so pleased that we were able to connect Hophop back with Leo," said Alyssa Smith of Vancouver International Airport.

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