Meet Roger, the lovable Labrador Retriever who didn't make the cut as a drug-sniffing dog due to his overly friendly nature. He's now turning heads in Taiwan after lending a paw in earthquake rescue operations. When a severe 7.4-magnitude quake rocked Taiwan in early April 2024, Roger took part in the search for survivors. Putting his playful spirit to good work, he even located a 21-year-old woman in the wreckage. Dogs who sniff for drugs cannot be too independent or restless, but these qualities are among what makes successful rescue dogs, says Captain Chen Chih-san of the Kaohsiung Fire Department. Now an experienced veteran of seven quake missions, Roger has become "the pride of Taiwan" remarked comments on social media. Let's hear it for Roger, a shining example of how sometimes, our supposed weaknesses can become our greatest strengths!

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