With her two sons accompanying her, Cori Craft had just accidentally driven her SUV into a creek in rural Georgia, and she couldn’t find her phone to summon help as the car rapidly sank. Thoughts that she and her family could soon drown started to flood her mind. But then she heard a voice asking if she was OK. Her reply that she was not OK was the only thing five college sorority members needed to hear to work together to pull Craft and her boys out – and then resuscitate one of the children by performing CPR on him. “Without them stopping, I would not have my youngest here,” Craft told ABC News. “I know I would not have been able to get to him in time.” The girls were on a road trip, detouring through a rural area to stop for lunch when they saw “a spark of white – a little cloud of dust” that caught their collective attention. They heard a crash and then saw the car in the water. After calling out asking if she was OK and learning she wasn’t, the women called 911 and then jumped into the water to help. Afterwards, the women downplayed their heroism; Molly McCollum, one of the women said, “It’s more about… [having] a mindset and just like searching for [anyone] who needs help in the world around you.”

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