Kick-starting the 2024 TED conference with a stirring dialogue, Palestinian peacemaker, author, and entrepreneur, Aziz Abu Sarah, and Israeli peace activist and social entrepreneur Maoz Inon take the stage. Each from opposite sides of the conflict, these men share haunting experiences and hopeful resolves alike. Discussing not just their heartbreaking personal tragedies, the friends also recount their endeavors in creating tourism businesses aimed at offering insights into the lives of Palestinians and Israelis alike. Addressing the globally charged divide, Inon says, "our stories were parallel, and the gap became wider...but there is a miracle. Our stories meet." Substantiating this sentiment, Abu Sarah shares that "we do not let anger drown us in hate and wanting vengeance." They believe the anger fueling their fight will also kindle the flame of peace. "Hope is an action," says Inon, signaling the pursuit of a shared vision for peace in the Middle East.

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