At 110 years old, Vincent Dransfield still drives his car every day, getting coffee at the convenience store and buying lunch. He lives independently in his own house in Little Falls, New Jersey, where he has resided since 1945. The supercentenarian requires no help with daily living, so his grandchildren visit him once a week and call every other day, but he’s otherwise self-sufficient. Dransfield is unique in the 110+ crowd; only 10% of them are male. Born on March 28, 1914, he not only enjoys incredible longevity, but healthy longevity, with a fit mind and body. He shared a list of his advice for living a long life. Spend time doing what you love. Drink milk with Ovaltine (a milk flavoring and nutrition supplement). Stay active – even if that isn’t structured exercise. Enjoy what you eat. It’s never too late to fix a bad habit; he quit smoking at age 70. Stay positive. “I keep positive. I never think any other way when something’s wrong,” said Dransfield.

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