The UK charity Whitley Fund for Nature celebrates grassroots conservationists who are “changing the narrative” for imperiled species and ecosystems by pioneering locally led solutions. This year's winners include wildlife biologist Purnima Devi Barman whose army of 10,000 women protects the greater adjutant stork; conservationist Kuenzang Dorji who protects Bhutan’s 2,500 golden langurs; Leroy Ignacio, who has brought communities in Guyana onboard to protect the red siskin and its habitat; biologist Naomi Longa whose Sea Women of Melanesia works on locally managed marine areas; Aristide Kamla who developed a natural solution to an invasive plant species that menaces manatees in Cameroon; Raju Acharya, a Nepalese conservationist who is changing perceptions of owls; and Fernanda Abra, who works with indigenous communities in the Brazilian Amazon to stop animal deaths caused by collisions with vehicles.

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