In Santa Ana, California, the Seva Collective's drive-thru food pantry has become a lifeline for thousands in need. Born from the urgency of the COVID-19 pandemic, this initiative has grown from humble beginnings to a community staple, distributing 60,000 pounds of food monthly to over 1,200 families. Led by the founders' Sikh faith, the organization emphasizes selfless service and prosperity for all. Volunteers, numbering over 500, dedicate their time rain or shine, embodying the spirit of giving without expecting anything in return. For recipients like Jody Watts, the pantry provides not just sustenance but relief from the anxiety of food insecurity. The impact extends beyond the pantry lines, inspiring recipients like Watts to pay it forward in their own communities. Through initiatives like the Youth Leadership Program, the Seva Collective cultivates the next generation of service-oriented leaders, ensuring a legacy of compassion and community empowerment.

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