Bella, the extraordinary five-legged puppy, has found her forever home in Wisconsin. Adopted from the Wisconsin Humane Society, Bella's unique charm captured the heart of her new owner, Melissa, who proudly donned a sweatshirt reading "Adopt the Special Ones." Born with a rare congenital condition called dimelia, Bella's wider-than-usual right hind leg and extra toes make her a "unicorn of a dog," according to Angela Speed of the Wisconsin Humane Society. Despite her unique anatomy, Bella is just like any other playful pup, running and chasing with boundless energy. Her adoption shines a light on shelter animals in need of loving homes, encouraging others to consider adoption. Through Bella's story, the Wisconsin Humane Society hopes to inspire more people to open their hearts and homes to animals in need, emphasizing the joy and fulfillment that comes from adopting a shelter pet.

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