In the face of widespread concern about possible negative uses of AI capabilities, a life-giving application has been identified and is changing the life of at least one medical patient. Lexi Bogan had surgery for a brain tumor last summer and has yet to regain full use of her voice. While she continues with speech therapy to improve her vocal capabilities, AI has, in a sense, given her voice back to her. Bogan is one of the first people – the only one with her condition – who have been able to recreate a lost voice with OpenAI’s new Voice Engine. A 15-second video clip of Bogan speaking was fed to the AI and it created an amazingly good facsimile of her voice. Through a custom app on her phone, she can type in what she wants to say and it comes out of the phone in her voice. “We should be conscious of the risks, but we can’t forget about the patient and the social good. We’re able to help give Lexi back her true voice and she’s able to speak in terms that are the most true to herself,” said Dr. Fatima Mirza, who worked with Bogan.

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