Two college students used their technology know-how to help the Santa Monica Food Bank where they volunteered as children. As Covid-19 forced the economy to shut down, the West Side Food Bank in Santa Monica saw demand for food double overnight. Yet disruptions in the supply chain meant that getting the food became a challenge, NBC reports. These students noted that one-third of all food grown in the world goes to waste. In response to this, they started an initiative to go to the source. They called up at least 200 farms and were hung up on. Finally, they reached a farm that had no way of selling its food and had 18,000 eggs to give away. The students responded to this by creating a system, Farmlink, whereby farms could get food they couldn't sell to local food banks. From an initial group of five volunteers, they have now delivered over 9 million pounds of food to food banks and have grown to a volunteer crew of 180.

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