Chuck Feeney, former billionaire who co-founded the travel retailer Duty Free Shoppers, had one goal in his life: to spend his fortune on charity while alive. After decades of donations, Feeney has fulfilled his mission: He has given all his money away to charity, and is ready to die broke. Over 40 years, has donated more than $8 billion through his foundation, Atlantic Philanthropies. And he did so anonymously, which has earned him the nickname of "the James Bond of Philanthropy." The simple apartment he lives in in San Francisco is only one illustration of the stark contrast between his personal frugality and the generosity with which he gives to charities, universities and foundations around the world. His charity has influenced no other than Bill Gates and Warren Buffett. The latter refers to Feeney as "a model" of philanthropy. His philosophy can be summarized in something he has said: "it’s a lot more fun to give while you live than give while you're dead."

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