Vikas Khanna, one of the first Indian chefs to receive a Michelin star, has been working on a project that eclipses his Michelin star. From New York City, he's directing a massive aid project to feed millions of people in his native country who are impacted by Covid-19. Feed India started back in March, when many Indians struggled to provide food to their families. After facing logistical challenges caused by running the effort from 7,000 miles away, Khanna has since partnered with the Indian National Disaster Response Force, which now serves as his hands, eyes, and ears on the ground in India. This effort has provided food to nearly 50 million people, including migrant workers, transgender men and women, sex workers, HIV/AIDS patients, orphans, seniors and flood victims. According to Khanna, If my grandmother was alive, she would say, 'you weren't born for the Michelin star, you were born to do this.'

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