In a Utah hospital, a retired orchestra teacher battling Covid-19 is lighting up spirits in the intensive care unit (ICU) -- by playing his violin. Despite being intubated and unable to speak, Grover Wilhelmsen, 70, wanted to express his gratitude to McKay-Dee Hospital workers. "You know, I really want to play here at the hospital. What do you think about my wife bringing in my violin and viola?," he wrote on a piece of paper to nurse, Ciara Sase. After some planning and getting approval from doctors, the 70 year-old patient serenaded the ICU with church hymns and the "Tennessee Waltz." Hospital staff watched and listened by the closed glass doors of Wilhelmsen's room. "It brought tears to my eyes," Sase described. "For all the staff to see a patient doing this while intubated was unbelievable."

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