"Everything's been cancelled, but kindness has not been cancelled," says 13-year-old CJ Matthews at the start of Good Morning America's interview with the inspiring teenager. Fifteen-year-old Michael Platt has donated thousands of "snack packs -- healthy, shelf-stable items -- to local food pantries to help other kids in need. "Covid has had a really, really big impact on childhood food insecurity. Before Covid, it was 1 in 7 kids who might be food insecure. Now it's 1 in 4 kids," Platt told ABC News while driving boxes of snack packs to donate to his local food pantry. He's the owner of Michael's Desserts, where every dessert sold buys a dessert for someone in need. Leading up to this year's Giving Tuesday, the young social entrepreneur has been using his platform to encourage other kids to take part in twelve Tuesdays of giving. "You don't have to do something huge to help people. They can just do one simple act of giving every week," Michael says, with a wisdom beyond his years.

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