Los Angeles Times Reporter Nita Lelyveld recently spent time with Steven Traylor as he danced his way through the city streets -- something he does three times a day, every day. Traylor was homeless for many years and got the help he needed, including housing and treatment, for his mental health condition. I'm just so thankful, Traylor said, for being alive, still standing tall. I still have my limbs. Just to see 60, it's a blessing. About his dancing in public, Traylor says, I dance for me. It's how I let my feelings out. And it's good exercise. But I think I touch a lot of people in different ways. Reporter Lelyveld had to agree, saying, "I was having a rough week. I'd just lost a neighbor I loved, quickly, to cancer. I'd come to Traylor feeling sad and tired. And in my Santa hat, watching him dance, I'd let go and for a moment found just what I needed."

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