Doomscrolling is a term that rose to popularity in 2020, and Wednesday's events made it an easy thing to do. As headlines flashing another record day of coronavirus deaths in the U.S. are overshadowed by footage of rioters storming the U.S. Capitol -- its most significant breach since the War of 1812 -- amid an already steady stream of grim news, it's hard not to feel despair. Good Morning America talked with psychiatrist Janet Taylor and parenting expert Rachel Simmons on how parents can talk to children about yesterday's attacks on the U.S. Capitol. They recommend five tips: validate your kids' feelings; explain what's happening in language you and they can understand; use the news as a learning opportunity, not entertainment; invite kids to share how they feel; and watch for signs of stress or anxiety. They also offer up five suggestions for adults: don't tune out; do set limits to news consumption; get involved or take small actions in your own life; exercise; and read some good news too.

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