Louis Moore's book Eternal Love is his medicine for the world; it tells the story of his life with his wife Nellie Hatsumi Maeda, from the time they met and through their 74-year marriage. Moore is an American of Chinese descent and his wife Nellie was an American of Japanese descent. Each experienced discrimination in America based on their ethnicity, but the story Moore wants the world to hear is their love story. It was love at first sight for him when her saw her at a night club in New York. After they formally met, they married within 10 days. They lived through challenges in their long and loving marriage. Moore's advice to men at his recent book signing was, I say to every man standing: Respect your wife. Love your wife. Cherish your wife. Because that's the person who will stand by you through thick and thin, who will have tears for you when you're sick and love you until her last days, as my dearest Nellie loved me.

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