When Madison Kohout, 19, moved into her new apartment complex, she didn't think much of the average age of her neighbors. She had scored a nice apartment in the northeast Arkansas city of Piggott, after moving there from Oklahoma. About a week into her new home, however, Kohout saw a sign outside the 10-unit complex that she hadn't noticed before. It said, Senior Living Apartments. Although the complex is designed for older adults, it is also equal-opportunity housing, which meant they couldn't exclude Kohout for her age. It's working out well for everyone. Kohout doesn't have to worry about playing her music too loud, since her neighbors don't hear too well. She also benefits by having several sets of grandparents in the complex. The residents have a willing listener in Kohout and generously share their life stories. And the TikTok community that follows Kohout loves the videos she posts with her neighbors.

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