Fadi Kasem, a nurse at the Galilee Medical Center in Nahariya, went to a riot scene in Acre, Israel, a few weeks ago, during a spike in Arab-Jewish violence, accompanying a sheik who was appealing for calm. When Kasem arrived on the scene, he saw a Jewish man lying on the ground after being attacked by a mob wielding stones, sticks and knives. “I was scared he was going to die. There was lots of blood and a head injury,” said Kasem. The nurse administered first aid to the victim, Mor Janashvil, and saw him taken to the hospital where Kasem works. Janashvil is recovering and is convinced that Kasem’s intervention made all the difference; the two had an emotional visit before Janashvil was discharged from the hospital. “It was a very moving meeting. After all, in a place where people weren’t showing humanity, he showed such great humanity,” Janashvil said.

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