Tom and Rachael Sullivan started cooking for a neighborhood friend, Kevin Gallagher, better known as "College Kid Kevin," as he studied at North Carolina State University. When she was in college, Rachael Sullivan was welcomed by family friends over holidays and dinners. It was one of the highlights of her college experience. Serendipitously, when she and Tom moved to North Carolina, they discovered that one of those friend's children was attending the university nearby. As the Sullivan's and Gallagher bonded over food, Gallagher began bringing more friends. Today, the Sullivan's now cook free, whole-foods-based meals for over 120 college students in the Raleigh area. "From the first day I stepped in their house, I felt at home," said Priscilla Casas, a student at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. "It's been such an amazing experience, and I've been able to enjoy nice delicious home cooked meals while meeting many people along the way." But the Sullivan's confess they are the ones benefit most from the meals with students. "These kids are awesome," said Tom. "They're so grateful, and I feel like it's hitting a point where we're getting as much joy out of it as they are."

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