Imani LaMarr, a 21-year-old Lincoln University student, is also a single mother of 6-month-old Christopher. When she told her professor, Aqeel R. Dix, one day that she needed to miss class and the quiz because she could not find care for her child, she was floored by something unexpected. Her professor encouraged her to bring her son to class. Even more, "I'll watch him for you," said Professor Dix. LaMarr was able to take her quiz and focus on listening to the lecture. "He taught the whole class, holding Christopher," LaMarr said. "Christopher was quiet as a church mouse. He didn't cry. He didn't make a peep. He just watched all the students." Since then, the professor and student have forged a mentor-mentee relationship, helping LaMarr push through tough times of being both a mother and student. "When you're great, I'm greater. We all help each other," said Professor Dix.

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