Thirteen years ago, after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, a 65-year-old military veteran and social worker decided he would turn his dark diagnosis into a positive opportunity to fulfill a lifelong dream. Now, Norman Greenstein is known as ‘The Parkinson’s Painter.’ A prolific doodler in his youth, Greenstein set his art aside to support his beloved family. He flirted with his passion for art over the years, but reality and responsibilities always overtook his longing for creative expression. After Norman was diagnosed with Parkinson’s, he talked to his son about finally embarking on his life as a painter. Two of Greenstein’s sons launched an online gallery to feature their father’s work and his mission to help others with Parkinson’s. Since 2018, Greenstein has been exhibiting and selling his work. Twenty percent of the proceeds from an upcoming sale of Greenstein’s digital NFT art collection will be donated to two Parkinson’s research foundations.

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